Know Before You Go:

Essential Customs Information for Nepal

Are you moving out of Nepal? Check out the IAM's Country Guide for an in-depth explanation of all of the customs information of several countries.

Relocating to Nepal? Here's a breakdown of customs regulations to ensure a smooth and stress-free arrival for your personal effects and used vehicles.


Personal Effects

  • Diplomatic Shipment (Duty-Free & Inspection-Free): For diplomats, the process is streamlined. No duty is payable, and your belongings are exempt from inspection.
  • Duty-Free Privileged Shipments (Subject to Inspection): Embassy officials without diplomatic status and individuals working on approved government projects can import belongings duty-free, but these shipments are subject to customs inspections.
  • Non-Duty-Free Shipments: Residents or work visa holders need an "import permit" (up to 2 weeks processing) from the Department of Commerce. Expect import permit fees, additional charges, and import duty and taxes at customs. 


  • Note: Electronics, including computers, are often subject to duty. Consider purchasing them locally, as major brands are readily available at reasonable prices.


Used Vehicles (Generally Not Allowed)

  • Diplomatic Exceptions: Under specific conditions, diplomats can import a used vehicle with pre-approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The vehicle must be shipped in a 20' container via Kolkata port, and diplomatic/duty-free clearance can take 3-6 weeks. 
  • Important: The vehicle cannot be sold or left behind in Nepal; it must be re-exported upon completion of the diplomatic tenure.


Banned Items

  • Beef (all forms)
  • Pornography (electronic or printed)
  • Arms and ammunition
  • Communication equipment (worldtel, walkie-talkies) without Ministry of Communication permission
  • Drugs and other illegal substances


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